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Security, traffic, and crowd control accessories for use with
28mm and Clix scale miniatures.

KEEP OUT! includes:
-concrete barriers
-traffic pylons
-traffic cones
-razor wire fence with gates
-retractible security barrier
-guard house with furniture
-warning and keep out signage
-paved road section

The KEEP OUT! 28mm/Clix scale accessory pack includes everything you need for security and crowd control, keeping pedestrians and vehicular traffic from going where they shouldn’t, and protecting top secret installations from intruders. Use KEEP OUT! with some of the excellent urban building card model kits available from Worldworks Games and Fat Dragon or with terrain of your own making. Several of the files in KEEP OUT! are layered pdfs. The concrete barriers can be printed with a variety of finishes including graffiti and tire scuffs. The fence and gate files include six background color choices allowing for a better match with your tabletop terrain.

(Figures in the photos are by Pig Iron, HeroClix, and Pegasus Models, and are not included.)

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