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Horse Tribes Shield and Banner Art

Appliques designed specifically for use with Copplestone Castings' 10mm Horse Tribe miniatures.

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Figurehead 1:6000 Scale Ship
Deck Art Decals

Castles (10mm 3D card models)

Fantasy Flags & Shields (10mm)

Braveheart (28mm 3D card models)

Games & Game Mods

WWII (3D card models)

Terrain, Scenery, and Props


Coming Soon...

Old West (28mm 3D card models)

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City Spearmen Shield and Banner Art

Appliques designed specifically for use with Copplestone Castings' 10mm City Spearmen miniatures.

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Instructions are here.


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Dol Anduin; 10-mm Castle Card Model

Fast and easy to build, this was the first card model that I created. It is a good starter kit for those new to card modeling. Please accept it free of charge as my thanks to you for visiting my website.


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Stirling Bridge

Stirling Bridge is a fairly simple kit to build, and can be constructed to a range of lengths to fit your layout.

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Miniature figures from Ebob Miniatures; castle and crofts from Hudson & Allen Studio, distributed by Vatican Enterprises, and are not included.
Miniature figures are by Games Workshop and are not included.


This is the same dirt texture used to make the dirt road art in the Road Pack. It's tileable so you can print out as man pieces as you need and join them together to make larger dirt areas. Special transition art is included so you can make a seemless connection between the Road Pack's dirt road and this dirt texture.

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Death Star Attack Props

Designed for use with Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Miniatures game, the models in this package include short and tall Turbo Laser Towers, Destroyed Tower markers, and Thermal Exhaust Port. All components have been created in “2D” for fast and easy construction, and so as not to interfere with the movement of star fighters. There are a number of unofficial Death Star style texture sets around. I chose to make these props compatible with Warscape’s excellent Star Base Trench Run, which is what you see in the photos that I posted on Boardgame Geek. However, they will work with just about any similar texture.

Download FREE, here.

X-Wing fighters in photograph are by Fantasy Flight Games and not included. "Star Base" surface texture by Warscape, and not included.